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Just did this ourselves in May. You will spend a lot of time and money in Home Depot over the coming months.

Here's a tip we came to find: all the blinds in our house were old and nasty. We spent a little more (not a ton more though) for nice roman shades. It made the rooms so much different than mini-blinds. So, my tip is find window dressings you like, whether they are drapes, shades, etc. they change the whole feel of the room.

You do need a lawnmower... not sure where you live but you probably need a rake, industrial broom for cleaning the garage, driveway, etc.

Good luck, we have found that all the hassle of looking every weekend, dealing with realtors, bankers and lawyers has all been worth it to have a place of our own!!


You only need a lawnmower if you have a lawn! LOL I've got Arizona with its gravel yards on the brain today.

Congratulations! The window treatment idea is a great one. We moved in to a place that had these cheesy vinyl blinds that had to go. We found some great stuff from Levolor at Lowe's.

DH is a safety freak so he bought us a fire extinguisher for the kitchen; I've read that proving you have one can get you a discount on your homeowners insurance but we never took the initiative to call and ask if that's true of ours. It's a good time to put up smoke detectors too; our house had only one and it was pretty old.

Sometimes people feel weird about having the old locks on the doors and go for new locks just to be sure, but we are putting that off until we replace the front door.

Can't think of too much else; congratulations!!!!!

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